The Elevator Pitch & Entrepreneurs

The elevator pitch is important to all people who are in the business of selling, but to entrepreneurs the elevator pitch is fundamental. It can be the key to opportunity in 60 seconds literally found on an elevator. Most entrepreneurs already have a mission and vision for their business plan. The elevator pitch is where you want to introduce not only yourself, but your company to a complete stranger. If you had to introduce yourself, you would want to put your best foot forward, without boring the person. Something in your speech should spark interest in the listener to urge him or her to learn more about you.

The same principle applies to the elevator speech, you want to give the listener enough information about your business to understand what it does, who it serves, and why there is a need for your company. If you give the listener surprising facts about what you do and who  you target as it relates to your company, that’s an even better way to grab their attention and get them to ask you more questions.

Once you have them asking more questions the hard part is over, you can help them learn more about your business by extending the conversation right then and there, or giving them a direct response with helpful tips that may require them to visit your website, or you can hand them a business card, and exchange information in order to follow up with them over the phone.

One of the best things about the elevator pitch is that it acts a door opener. Once you have developed, practiced, and polished your elevator speech, it can help you attract new customers just about anywhere you have 60 seconds to spare.


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